Queen Cable Car and Mysterios Hill Area – Sun World Ha Long Complex

Queen Cable Car and Mysterios Hill Area belongs to Sun World Ha Long Complex entertainment system. Mysterious hill area includes outstanding works such as Queen Cable Car, Sun Wheel – Sun Wheel, Japanese Garden … In particular, the Queen cable car is the first cable car in Quang Ninh to achieve 2 records. Guinness world. With the world’s largest cabin capacity and the world’s tallest ground-level cable car. Ha Binh Cruise will share with you all the special things that are only available at the Mysterios Hill and Queen Cable Car.

1. Queen cable car – Sun World Ha Long Complex

The cable car is available from 14:00 to 21:00. Unlike other cable car systems, Queen Cable Car has only 2 cabins designed like a 2-story bus. Each cabin can accommodate up to 230 people / trip, with a total capacity of up to 2,000 pax / hour. With such a long operating time and large capacity, visitors who want to experience will not have to wait long. Queen Cable Car is 30m higher than the height of Bai Chay Bridge. Each time back and forth, Queen Cable Car will take visitors to enjoy the entire poetic and majestic beauty of Ha Long in about 7 minutes. Modern and smooth cable car system brings a great experience for visitors.

2. Sun Wheel – Sun World Ha Long Complex

Along with Bai Chay Bridge, the Sun Wheel is an outstanding work and makes a mark on everyone when coming to Ha Long. The 15-minute journey of the Sun Wheel will bring a whole new perspective of Ha Long. Especially, when night falls in the city, Sun Wheel and Bai Chay Bridge will together create a delightful light party for you.

3. Japanese Garden – Sun World Ha Long Complex

Surrounding Mystery Castle, Japanese Garden – Zen Garden is a location where you can see one of the most beautiful corners of Ha Long. Inspired by Okayama Korakuen Garden, the Japanese garden features a Koi aquarium, rockery and a landscape of Mt.Fuji created by the hands of artisans from Japan. If you have not had a chance to come to Phu Tang, go to the Japanese garden – Zen Garden to experience a miniature Japan.

Come to Japanese garden, you can also feed Koi fish. Just buy a small food bag of about 5,000-10,000 VND at a Japanese garden that can “lure” hundreds of beautiful colorful fish to play with you.

4. Bonsai House – Sun World Ha Long Complex

The Japanese Zen Garden architecture is recreated at the Bonsai house. Coming to this house, take a break from worrying and you will be relaxed in a tranquil “meditation” space.

5. Moc Tra Quan (Carpentry Tea Shop)- Sun World Ha Long Complex

Tea ceremony is a famous culture of Japanese. The combination of Japanese cultural refinement with music and poetic natural scenery has created a Moc tea shop located in the Huyen Mystery Hill. Carpentry tea shop is built in the traditional architecture of Phu Tang country, giving visitors a quiet space and a peaceful feeling.

6. Koi Bridge – Sun World Ha Long Complex

Going up to Mysterious Hill, it will be a pity when you miss the Koi bridge – a point that makes people living on the internet … “check-in out of control”. Inspired by the beautiful Koi fish, the Koi bridge is the connection point between the Japanese garden and other attractions such as Moc Tra shop, the Bonsai house, .. Up the Koi Bridge around sunset or when the Sun Wheel Lighting is indeed a “natural and favorable time” to create quality pictures.

7. The Wax Museum

If you love famous characters but you hadn’t any opportunity to be photographed with them, come to the Wax Museum at Sun World Ha Long. With 53 wax figures of famous people, it is extremely realistic. You will freely take pictures with your “idols” and keep the most memorable moments.

8. Land upside down

Entering the Land upside down, you feel like straying into a different space, which goes completely against Newton’s law of universal gravitation. Everything in the room is reversed making you feel “wrong”. This uniqueness is sure to make you feel excited and will produce funny images.

9. Samurai slide

The Samurai slide will lead you around the Paranormal Garden. Transform into brave Samurai to conquer the whirlwinds. Slides will take you through mysterious forests. You will admire the beauty of Ha Long Bay and the beautiful Bai Chay bridge.

There are also many notable places and activities. For example: Moonlight Water Puppet Show, 12D Cinema, Video game area is very interesting and always awaits visitors. Currently Queen Cable Car and Mysterios Hill Area have incentives for visitors to visit. Register today at Ha Binh Cruise to received your preferential treatment!

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