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If you are too familiar with famous attractions in Ha Long. Right now, Ha Binh Cruise will introduce an even more wonderful point for this fall and winter. For the whole year, Quang Ninh is always a great destination for every visitor. Yoko Onsen mineral bath is a luxury hot spring resort Quang Hanh. Designed according to Japanese architecture, the fresh natural scenery will leave you in awe.
1. Overview of Yoko Onsen mineral bath service

  • Location: Yoko Onsen mineral bath service is located in Quang Hanh ward, city. Cam Pha, Quang Ninh.
  • Area: 730 ha
  • Commencement: 7/2018
  • Style: Traditional Japanese architecture
  • Total investment: 3,500 billion VND

2. Yoko Onsen mineral bath services
     2.1. Yoko Onsen mineral bath service.
Yoko Onsen is like a miniature Japan with meticulously designed details, from trees, paths to tiled roofs. Here, you can experience many relaxation services. Include:

  • Public onsen
  • Small Villa with Indoor Pool (Private onsen)
  • Traditional Hinoki sauna system
  • Himalaya Salt Rock

     2.2. Other high-end mineral bath services at Yoko Onsen.
With a quiet, secluded space, this place will be a great experience for you and your family. In addition, there are also high-end services for tourists:

  • Onsen hot spring
  • Japanese garden
  • Spa area – large skin care
  • Professional treatment area
  • The resort follows a traditional Japanese model
  • Food court with a range of Organic restaurants Room
  • Cold snow room

2.3. System of day and overnight accommodation in Washitsu (Private Onsen)

  • Washitsu Ichi Room
  • Washitsu Ni Room
  • Washitsu Kazoku Room

     Room service packages are applied for Day Use package (stay under 6 hours a day) & overnight package

3. The benefits of hot spring baths
     There is no denying the miraculous effects of natural hot mineral water for the health and beauty of people. Yoko Onsen mineral bath is considered to be a miraculous health treatment for you.

  • Relieve pain: in the natural hot mineral Yoko contains ions, which will be absorbed through the skin to help balance electrolytes, dispel the aches very effectively. So, just after a relaxing session in the onsen at the onsen, you will feel extremely comfortable. Therefore, my health is also improved quickly.
  • Bring skin shiny, healthy: In autumn and winter, when the skin becomes dry, flaky, chapped … extremely uncomfortable feeling. If moisturized with the nutrients of the hot springs here, your skin will immediately become shiny and healthy. The neutral pH in water is suitable for all skin types. Even if you have sensitive skin. In particular, the effect will be more pronounced when you experience the Massage and Spa service here right after the mineral bath is complete. With natural products extracted from precious and benign herbs will bring the best experience to your skin.
  • Sleep well to reduce stress: if you soak in hot minerals, the nutrients will be deeply absorbed into the body. Soothe pain, fatigue. This is a great method, to make you naturally fall asleep quickly.

5.1. Public bath ticket price includes the following services:

     – The current ticket price includes a free locker
     – 1 yukata jacket and 1 square towel
     – Mineral bath in 27 onsen baths with different water levels and temperatures
     – 1 separate bathing area for men and women
     – Living area with Japanese Tatami mat and reading room, movie room.
     – There are also 3 free saunas that are separated between men and women, including the hot sauna, the cold sauna and the salt rock sauna.
     – In addition, the ticket price includes 1 main meal or snack depending on your chosen time frame.
     5.2 Food court ticket price
     Food Buffet fare: 700,000 VND / person
     Ticket price for order set menu: from 100,000 VND / person
     5.3 Massage and Spa services
     – Thai Spa: massage without essential oils, using fingers to acupressure and stretching muscles, helping guests relieve pain and relax (time 60 minutes) – price 600,000 / ticket
     – Swedish Spa: Body massage with Yoko Onsen signature oil, using the palm to act on the muscles to relax and reduce fatigue, absolute relax (time 60 ′) – price 700,000 / ticket.
     – Spa prices include VAT.

  • Public Onsen (public bath) is only applicable for adults & children between 1.4m ~ 12 years old. Not applicable for children under 12 years old (or under 1.4m in height): to ensure the quality of service, relax and relax in Japanese standard Onsen baths.
  • Children 12 years of age (or height of 1.4 meters) and above are counted as adults.
  • Children under 12 years old (or under 1.4 meters in height) will only be able to use the service at Private Onsen.

     Hopefully, with the information shared above, we will help visitors get an overview when visiting the service experience at Yoko Onsen. Especially, discount mineral bath tickets and villas when participating in registration at Ha Binh Cruise.

     If you find the above information useful, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and relatives!

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YOKO ONSEN Hot Spring Services
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