Visiting HaLong Bay By Seaplane


Explore Halong Bay by Seaplane is the most interesting way and give to you the most feeling about Halong bay. It’s so great when you see Halong bay on higher level by wider angles and spectacular view, with about more than 2000 big and small islands which spread on beautiful coast. It formed a great picture and an unforgetable experience for each passenger.

Before, if you want to bought one Seaplane ticket you had to pay about 200-250 Usd (5000,000 vnđ). And most is served for foreiger. But, now, you just have to only 1,500,000 vnđ for one seaplane ticket to explore Halong bay.

And Ha Binh Cruise is the distributing agent for each flight ticket of Hai Au company.

On the Seaplane, what you can do:

You can see the way how does the pilot control the plane on water surface, start to fly up and fly down by super way. 25 minutes on seaplane (about 60km). Enjoy the whole view of Halong bay with about 2000 big and small islands. Such as: Titop island, Vung Vieng floating fishing village, Pearl farm, Soi Sim beach…

Livestream to save the interesting moments during the flight.

Selfie with pilot inside drive cabin.

That’s the perfect choice for your family to have an unforgetable experience.

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  1. The kind of Seaplane in your tour

The kind of specialized plane that our company used is Cessna Grand-Caravan 208B-EX. That’s the newest kind of Seaplane with 12 seats accomodation, the most safety seaplane can land on water. This is the kind of seaplane reach the strict standard by Federal Aviation Administration. Tobe commericial activities by International civil aviation organization and Vietnam civil aviation agency. That’s why, you can totally to get one’s mind at rest to enjoy our services by the most happy and comfortable way.

  1. Where we starting to get the flight

We will start to get on seaplane from Tuan Chau international habour, T7 villa, Tuan Chau habour centre, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam.

  1. Where we fly through

You can contemplate the most outstanding places where you never know before or it just only the small point of the islands below:

Dau Be island: located on east south of Halong bay, far from Trai cave about 500m to the east side, 28km from halong international habour, that is the island belong to outside of Halong bay boder, between 2 islands are Tra Ngu and Da Le.

Cong Do island: located on the east-south of Halong bay, far from halong international habour about 25km, belong to Bai Tu Long bay, inside world haritage zone. It has 23,363km2 area and high 172m from sea level. This is one of the most beautiful island with bending and zigzag terrain which formed some nature lakes. And that is where the sealife of some kind of seafood, such as: shrime, fish, seaweed.

Bo Hon island: talk about this name maybe you will feel it’s so familiar, because it is very famous about beautiful level. And it is the biggest island in halong bay. Where gather some famous caves, such as: Sung Sot, Luon, Trinh Nu, Trong and Dong Tien lake. It has stellar rocks, high mountain which form a beautiful picture.

  1. How long we fly

About 25 minutes explore Halong on the air by seaplane, we sure that you will be satisfied, free using phone or camera and 4G signal technology on the plane to save you best moments.

  1. What the cost

The price for one flight ticket for seaplane to explore Halong bay 25 minutes is 1,500,000 vnd.

  1. Ticket for children

Kid under 2 years old is 10% of adult ticket and sit with adult’s seat.

Kid from 2-12 years old is 75% of adult ticket

  1. Extra information about Seaplane service

You have to present at Seaplane lobby before 30 minutes. Bring with your pastport (everyone). Each flight has 12 seats correspond with 12 persons total weight maximum is 900kg. Who have weight more than 110kg have to buy 2 tickets. The price is included VAT and passenger insurant during the flight.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Visiting HaLong Bay By Seaplane
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