Ha Long is the kingdom of the seafood species, the surface is surface seafood can not be ignored. There are many dishes made from the substrate surface but make up specialties taste substrate surface most probably dish noodle substrate surface .

Substrate surface is shaped rather like shrimp but more pins, heading crustaceans, many in waters of Ha Long. Substrate surface as the previous two as mantis, many burned body, above the thick crust, sharp. Meat substrate surface not only fragrant, sweet but also a high nutritional value should be a lot of customers love. Vermicelli dish surface is surface are many tourists opt for breakfast in your deals.

Surface appearance is similar but has more legs than shrimp
Surface appearance is similar but has more legs than shrimp

To get a delicious noodle bowl surface, the first surface selected ingredients should be fresh, delicious. Nguyen Van Huy, owner cum chef Bun substrate surface Huy Chien (the North East, organized 2, Zone 6, Hong Hai Ward, Ha Long city) – one of the Bun substrate surface most famous Halong share : In addition to fresh ingredients, processing and treating water surface surface avoid fishy taste is the most important factor. Shoppers frequent 2 types, commonly called white surface and substrate surface appearance of asthma.

Hen surface appearance despite loud but often acrid should not be selected for surface processing surface bun. Need to select surface white surface are children to taste sweet vermicelli bowl. Nature surface has a sweet taste so surface water is boiled surface materials create delicious pot of water. Boiled water surface surface (also the pot of water), cooked from the other seafood such as shrimp, crab, bone seasoned security … just enough under certain rate. Enough two factors, pot of water to a “substance,” lu sweet, eat not bored.

Taste delicious noodle bowl surface surface
Taste delicious noodle bowl surface surface

Friend surface preliminary treatment is not very simple operation, requiring careful, meticulous. Hard shell surface and excellent surface fairly, if not careful can cut yourself, so people often will cut the two sides fringing easy to peel, to keep the child.

Surface boiling surface is also an extremely important stages. By substrate surface boiled improperly, not enough or thoroughly cooked too will fishy, sticky hard meat or fibrous peel, loss of pieces of substrate surface sweetness. Fresh boiled substrate surface, but only in moderation to ensure easy peeling bark dóc which remained whole, not broken, keep the sweet taste of meat substrate surface, ensure beauty.

The surface was peeled boiled clean surface will be placed over the face of the bowl on a bun, sweet hot broth chan lu will conquer even the most discerning diners. Bun substrate surface can served with assorted vegetables, fried beans … depending on each person’s taste, Halong many people eat noodles with vegetables substrate surface created chopped rather strange taste.

A dawn wake up on land deals , relax breathing the sea air and enjoy the delicious taste, sweet taste of bowl noodles substrate surface is always something that each visitor to this are always looking. There are many Bun substrate surface for guests to choose from including two shop that’s quite famous and Mai Huy Chien Yen, remember to look at and enjoy when you travel Halong

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